Listed below are some common questions we receive about our school. Brief answers to them are provided here for convenience. Please contact our director, Meredith Gray, to talk more about curriculum or sign up for a tour, held every second Wednesday through March.

What makes The Co-op School’s elementary program unique?

Our low student-to-teacher ratio means our skilled and fully engaged teachers can teach to the individualities of every child through workshops as well as project-based studies in a joyful way. Through the Balanced Literacy approach to reading and writing and by utilizing TERC and Contexts for Learning for our math program, our students are purposeful and successful learners. All of our teachers use the Responsive Classroom Approach, which emphasizes individualized social, emotional, and academic growth within a positive and joyful community. Read more about our programs.

What are the Specials classes and how often are they taught?

Weekly specials include Science, Library, Gym, Creative Maker Lab, and Music. Recorder instruction begins in third grade. Technology is taught weekly by classroom teachers beginning in second grade. All students attend monthly Town Hall meetings and Open Mic talent events.

Is there homework?

Research supports that there is little to no benefit to assigning homework in elementary school. Thus The Co-op School believes time is better spent interacting with your children in other positive ways. However, nightly reading is highly encouraged, and teachers may decide to send home individualized work for families to do together if additional support is needed.

Does the Co-op School administer standardized tests?

Beginning in third grade students are given the CTP standardized test. This test was developed by the ERB (Educational Records Bureau) and is the most commonly administered standardized test used in national independent schools.

What about Foreign Language?

Spanish is taught 30 minutes daily.

Are there extracurricular community activities for my child?

Yes! Student council, chorus, drama, and health class, plus overnight trips for fourth graders and up.