Co-op Commitment

The Co-op School comprises a group of families who are deeply committed to participating in the creation of our child’s educational environment. Our families represent a wide range of diverse backgrounds and nationalities, and we work in many sectors in New York City. We are brought together by our desire to provide our children with quality education at an accessible price and a willingness to pitch in and participate in this journey.

As such, student’s families are responsible for the development, fundraising, and maintenance of the school. The Board of Trustees is comprised of elected parents, and all parents share the responsibility of upholding the school’s guiding principles—and our ultimate goal of blending community with education. Each parent joins a working committee and commits to putting in at least eight hours of work per school year. Participation of each family is critical for the effective operation of the school. The cooperative model results in a unique sense of ownership and belonging to the school. We believe these measures not only help keep the school affordable, but provide a more harmonious, neighborly community of staff, parents, and students.

Responsibilities for Each Family

  • Actively maintain a presence on Edsby, our school’s inner communication platform
  • Attend an annual general membership meeting
  • Purchase two Gala tickets
  • Participate in fundraising tasks set by the fundraising committee
  • Contribute funds as necessary toward supplies, snacks, and field trips
  • Serve actively on a work committee