Co-op Commitment


In our cooperative model, member families are responsible for the management, fundraising, development and maintenance of the school. Election of new members of the Board of Directors happens each fall. The number of Board positions is determined by vacancies and the school membership size. Participation of each family is critical for the effective operation of the school. At the same time, the cooperative model also provides great benefit for the members through the unique ownership and sense of belonging it builds. Besides the teaching staff, there is a full-time executive director, business manager, office manager, curriculum director, janitor and security guard.


  • Provide classroom snacks approximately twice a year
  • Fulfill 8 hours of work (i.e. fundraising, school maintenance) between July 1, 2014 – August 31, 2015.
  • Participate in fundraising tasks (e.g. purchase two Gala tickets, donate to gala, contribute names for the holiday cards mailings, etc.)
  • Serve actively on a committee
  • Attend 2 annual general membership meetings (at least one parent represented)
  • Have active listserv membership – at least one parent must subscribe and check listserv daily

In addition to these responsibilities, families will be periodically asked to voluntarily support our school community in other ways, for example by purchasing items from classroom wish lists or contributing funds for faculty and staff holiday or end-of-year gifts.


In keeping with the mission of the Co-op School, families must participate in the promotion, upkeep and operation of the school community. This cooperative structure helps keep costs affordable. The Co-op School was founded to serve our children and will only succeed if we all work together to make it a success. The following structure is in place to ensure these goals.

The committee chair or School Director will notify any family not meeting their committee responsibilities. Lack of involvement may be described as not responding to emails, repeatedly missing committee meetings or shirking agreed upon responsibilities, or not participating in school-wide fundraising events. If, after this notice, a family fails to reply within 5 business days indicating how they will fulfill their responsibilities, a $100 fine will be incurred. A second notice will be sent at that point which will result in an additional $200 fine if a valid response showing how the delinquency will be addressed, and if responsibilities remain consistently and continuously not met (pardoning illness etc) family co-op membership will be reviewed by the board.

*Exceptions are snack duty and missing work shifts. A missed snack duty results in a $75 charge since snacks will have to be purchased immediately. Missed work shifts result in a $250 fine for the first shift and an additional $250 fine for the second missed shift.

Termination of membership requires a majority affirmative vote of the Board of Directors. In the event that such action is taken, the Board of Directors will notify, in writing, the member of the reasons for the action. Termination forfeits the last month’s tuition, enrollment fee and operations fee.