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Community: Town Hall Focus on Innovation

During the month of January, we will be concentrating on our next value – INNOVATION.

Value #3: Innovation: We value and nurture curiosity, imagination, creativity, experimentation and perseverance when faced with challenges.

For Town Hall, we all discussed what innovation means and how we can recognize it on others and ourselves. We opened with an amazing song about how we need courage and confidence to be INNOVATIVE, written by music teacher Dan and sung by the Katydids. Then, Emily (Centipede teacher) and Ryan (Shark teacher) did a wonderful skit to demonstrate how we, as teachers and students, can demonstrate and share our innovative ideas and strategies.

innovation10  bees_innovation1innovation11  innovation1

Afterwards, each class shared their innovations. It was so cool to see how each class used the same (EXACT!) materials in very different and INNOVATIVE ways!

The Pre-k Dragonflies did lots of innovating and created a small animal obstacle course, a mini basketball game, a funny guys, a car and a pirate ship!

innovation3dragonfly_innovation3 dragonfly_innovation2 dragonfly_innovation


The Pre-k Bumblebees made two innovations, one was a one eyed, flying monster and
the other was a cool sculpture that had a nest on top!


The Beetles created a telescope car and they even wrote a story to go with

innovation4  innovation5

The Kindergarten Katydids invented a house car – its a house on top or a car!

The first grade Centipedes also did lots of innovating and created a marble race, a barn & farm, a space ship and a trap!


The second grade Sharks came up with a cool game they named a Spinadoodle!


It was so wonderful to hear all the ways in which we show our INNOVATIVE spirits everyday! We will keep the conversation going, throughout the month, and we’d love to invite the parents to join in.