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The Butterfly’s Dinosaur Study

Here are some photos of the Butterflies in action! They did a study on Dinosaurs where they learned s about their habitats, practiced pronouncing their names, and spoke about their similarities and differences. Here the butterflies created their very own “me” size dinosaurs.


Mandy's School News

Author Tad Hills Visits Brevoort!

As part of the nationwide Children’s Book Week (May 13-19), Co-op School students join kids around the country in celebrating reading. We paired together with Greenlight Bookstore to bring in the amazing children’s book author Tad Hills, author of How Rocket Learned to Read and Duck & Goose. It was a great opportunity for students to meet a real, live author, and get excited about reading!  
The real Rocket!!

Tad explained how books are made and showed us pictures of the printer and factory where his books are made.

  Then he read his awesome book How Rocket Learned to Read. 

 Tad showed us how to make Duck using felt shapes and “fit the shapes together like a puzzle.”

When he moved the eyebrow and beak Duck looked angry.

 Finally, he painted a beautiful picture of Duck for our library! Thanks Tad!

Mandy's School News

Inquiry: Roly Polys Roller Coaster Study

The 2 year-old Roly Polys curriculum as of late has been inspired by the children’s love and borderline obsession of the book Roller Coaster by Marla Frazee. 

The children have read various books on roller coasters, examined roller coaster design, explored the experience of the ride and discussed their fears. They also have recreated the roller coaster experience – buying tickets, lining up, buckling in and, then, imagining they were riding the roller coaster.  To simulate a realistic experience their teachers projected a roller coaster front seat point-of-view video – the children raised their hands and screamed.  It was awesome! Finally, the got to visit the amazing Cyclone in Coney Island! 

All agree that this was truly an epic adventure that left an indelible mark on the children.


Mandy's School News

Science: Caterpillars Learn About Plant & Animal Life

Over the past month, the Caterpillars have been learning about plant and animal life in habitats both exotic and familiar.

 After learning about the water cycle, Caterpillars watch the rain come down outside their window.

 Desert life

These Caterpillars are watching a spider they found on the playground.


A three-toed sloth

Examining a coconut and pineapple

The sensory bin during Water Week

Pea plants!

Mandy's School News

Science: Fireflies Exploration of Plants

The Fireflies have been breaking plants down into little bits… literally!  They have spent the past few weeks learning about what plants need to live and grow, all of their different parts, as well as some exploration of how insects ( like bees and butterflies) are important to the life of plants. They have  even learned the word “symbiotic!!” Ask a Firefly, they’ll tell you what it means!  Here are some highlights of their study…


Mandy's School News

Hollow Block Fundraiser – The Co-op Store!

The kids decided what they want to create to help make money for our Hollow Block Fundraiser. They have been hard at work pickling, making cupcakes and yellow & black striped bee-like popcorn along with Mother’s and Father’s day cards!  We have the booth open at Brevoort every morning 8-9:30am for the entire month of May!  (Online donation component to come…) We will keep going until we reach our goal of $5,000 (2 class sets)!