The Co-op Commitment

The Co-op School comprises a group of families who are deeply committed to participating in the creation of our child’s educational environment. Our families represent a wide range of diverse backgrounds and nationalities, and we work in many sectors in New York City. We are brought together by our desire to provide our children with quality education at an accessible price and a willingness to pitch in and participate in this journey.

As such, student’s families are responsible for the development, fundraising, and maintenance of the school. The Board of Trustees is comprised of elected parents, and all parents share the responsibility of upholding the school’s guiding principles—and our ultimate goal of blending community with education. Each parent joins a working committee and commits to putting in at least eight hours of work per school year. Participation of each family is critical for the effective operation of the school. The cooperative model results in a unique sense of ownership and belonging to the school. We believe these measures not only help keep the school affordable, but provide a more harmonious, neighborly community of staff, parents, and students.

Responsibilities for Each Family

  • Actively maintain a presence on Edsby, our school’s inner communication platform
  • Attend an annual general membership meeting
  • Purchase two Gala tickets
  • Participate in fundraising tasks set by the fundraising committee
  • Contribute funds as necessary toward supplies, snacks, and field trips
  • Participate in two 4-hour work shifts a year, between July 1 and June 30
  • Serve actively on a work committee, which are outlined below

The Co-op School Committees

  • Annual Appeal (Timing: Fall): Each Year we reach out to our community to help us continue to grow financially. Proceeds from our Annual Appeal support emerging programming. If you are organized, detail oriented and have an appreciation for snail mail, this could be the job for you! Includes but is not limited to, monitoring address inputs from the community, organizing and producing our Annual Winter Card, distributing tax donation forms.
  • Back to School Event (Timing: October): Come throw a party to remember!- Manage and execute our Annual Back to School Party, which includes providing music and helping with facility, food, and drink preparations.
  • Book Fair Event (Timing: June) Bring together great stories and community to organize our Friends & Family Book Fair.
  • Classroom Parent (Timing: Throughout):  Get to know your class on a whole new level! Manage the classroom snack duty calendar, teacher wish lists and other needs. Act as the classroom point person to the administration and committee leads for school news.
  • Comedy Night Event (Timing: March): Laugh your way to one of our most popular community events. Plan the event by helping with food, drink, décor, schedule, setup, and cleanup.
  • Communications (Timing: Throughout): Get involved with both internal and external communication about our school by helping with the school website, social media, Edsby, public relations, and marketing.
  • Creative Arts (Timing: Throughout): Help us celebrate and share community authors and illustrators with our preschool. This committee involves booking and managing the schedule for our visitors in collaboration with the Irving staff.
  • Facilities (Timing: Throughout): Do you like to keep things tidy and functional? Join our Facilities Committee! Help with the basic building upkeep, gardening (both campuses), library (Brevoort), materials rooms (both campuses), science room, and pet care. Establish and maintain our awesome resources throughout the year.
  • Field Day Event (Timing: June): Classroom tug-of-war and sack races are just the beginning of our Field Day! Help organize, obtain a permit, transport games and snacks, and coordinate chaperones.
  • Gardening Committee: Show off your green thumb! Help with the upkeep of gardens and execution of the annual pumpkin and plant sales.
  • Kid’s Gala (Timing: March): Help create an evening to remember for the 1st-5th graders. Support in areas as audio/visual, food & drinks and of course Auction items!
  • Library Committee (Timing: Throughout): With support from the curriculum director, help with the upkeep of the Brevoort library.
  • Marathon Bake Sale Event (Timing: November): Represent The Co-op School for the NYC Marathon! Plan and execute our Annual Bake Sale and feed those supporters!
  • Movie Night Event (Timing: January): From Inside Out to Frozen, come and warm up with  a movie! Committee work includes but is not limited to making flyers, organizing the movie screening, and coordinating popcorn and snacks.
  • Parent Education (Timing: Throughout): Never stop learning! Organize and manage annual Parent Education sessions in collaboration with school administration and staff Professional Development curriculum.
  • Pot Luck Event (Timing: November): Celebrate community! Organize, manage and execute a delicious pot-luck event by making flyers, organizing classroom items, helping with setup and cleanup.
  • Scholarship Gala Event (Timing: Winter/Spring): Our biggest and best school event of the year! Proceeds from our Scholarship Gala support our diverse community through scholarships. Be a part of the action! From sponsorship, audio/visual support, food & drink organizing, and auction items—we need you to make this the best one ever!
  • School Photo Days (Timing: Spring): Say “Cheese!” Coordinate and manage our school pictures with Stomping Ground. Create classroom schedules, manage children and classes.
  • Music Events (Timing: Fall/Spring): In collaboration with Yo Re Mi, coordinate and organize music dept events, which  include Open-Mic-A-Thon, Chorus, and Seasonal Sings. Create flyers, manage day-of event(s).
  • Story Night Event (Timing: April): Come be a part of one of our most beloved events. Inspired by the Moth, sign-up to execute a heart-wrenching, all inspiring event by recruiting storytellers, coordinating food and drink, creating flyers, handling publicity, as well as setup and cleanup.
  • Sunset Soiree Event (Timing: Late July): Beat the heat and meet new friends! Our annual Sunset Soiree needs you to help organize and coordinate this sizzlin’ event. Committee organizes getting and setting up food and drink stations and coordinates obtaining the permit.
  • Technology (Timing: Throughout): Help administer and enhance the technology platforms we have recently adopted to streamline our school’s operations and communication. Responsibilities include user management, website development, data review, and providing technology support to our teachers and parents.
  • Valentines Day Dance Event (Timing: February): Show your love by organizing and executing our Valentines Day Dance! Decorate, organize and facilitate activities, provide DJ or music, set up a photo booth, raffle, food & drink, and more.