Health & Wellness

We believe that supporting our students holistically, with an important focus on social and emotional wellbeing, helps set the stage for any student’s academic success. The Co-op School offers various student wellness and support services that best meet the needs of each student we serve while celebrating their unique identities.

At our school, our approach to Health and Wellness is built upon five key pillars:

Nurse Taylor is a full-time staff member at the school. After graduating, she began her nursing career as a pediatric nurse at the University of Rochester Medical Center. Following two years there, she embarked on her journey as a traveling nurse, gaining valuable experience in hospitals across various cities. Prior to joining The Co-op School, she worked in the Pediatric ICU at NYP.

Taylor collaborates closely with Division Heads to establish and implement health and safety policies, safeguarding the well-being of every student and mitigating the spread of communicable diseases among both students and staff.

At The Co-op School, we follow the NYC Health Policy, which outlines essential guidelines for student health and safety. Families can access this policy through the Family Handbook, along with all necessary paperwork for student enrollment. It is mandatory for families to submit records of immunizations and a physical examination conducted within the past 12 months within the first 30 days of their child’s attendance. These records should include results of screenings, prescribed medications, allergies, descriptions of impairments, and any current or chronic health conditions.

Students spend a substantial amount of time playing outside every day, weather permitting, in one of our two outdoor spaces. On cold, wet, and snowy days send your students dressed appropriately so they can be comfortable playing outside.

To support the health and wellness of our students, we ask that students arrive at school having eaten breakfast, and bring healthy lunches to school each day. The Co-op School will supply healthy snacks for students, including fruits and/or vegetables and dry snacks. 

We encourage a healthy diet low in sugar. Students are encouraged to drink water throughout the day and must have a water bottle at school daily. They can refill receptacles at the bottle fillers or class sinks.

Additionally, during the school year, students might have the opportunity to participate in cooking activities, sometimes resulting in a sweet treat. It’s important to highlight that our staff is diligent in selecting healthy ingredients and exploring alternative options to ensure the well-being of our students.

Having teachers trained in CPR is crucial, ensuring a rapid response in emergency situations. To uphold this readiness, we provide multiple opportunities for CPR training every year.