Why The Co-op School?

Our Community

“We feel truly cherished here, I wish all parents and children could have all that the Co-op School offers. [Students] skip into school happily, teachers listen to family and students’ wishes and concerns. Music teachers write songs for our school, woodshop and science teachers collaborate in creative making projects. Joy, community service, uniqueness, innovation are celebrated and created here.”
Gina Youmans, parent to 8th grader

Our Approach

“The Co-op School is simply amazing. It’s the first and only school my son has ever been to since we came to NY, and I couldn’t have asked for a better school. It’s a beautiful family. I love the fun learning system which makes it so much easier for us to work with him at home! Just weeks after being at the Co-op, I’ve seen positive changes in my child. He was happier, more confident, and more conversational. This boosted our relationship also.… It’s unbelievable how much he’s grown in so many areas, especially academically. His creativity increased dramatically too…[he’s] always in a corner putting scraps together to make something. The music and Spanish classes are super fun and he adores them. Thanks to the Co-op he loves reading now! Most importantly he loves his school!

“The administrative staff is very professional, always friendly, loaded with patience and so helpful. The teachers are no less, they are hardworking and dedicated. They work with your child as well as you, always willing to give insight or share ideas. [Parents] have all the admin staff and teachers’ email addresses so you can contact them directly with any questions, concerns, issues, etc.—one of the many reasons I love The Co-op School—and you can’t beat their prompt responses!

“The Co-op School is undoubtedly a wonderfully safe, pleasant, and healthy environment for any child. We feel blessed to be a part of the Co-op family!”
Melissa Tarachand, parent 7th grader

Our Teachers

“As a 6th grader I’ve had my ups and downs, friends come and go, tests get you stressed, but I cannot thank the teachers enough. They made everything possible, from learning about history to math to learning a whole new language. Thank you….”
6th grader

“There are really no words to describe my gratitude to the Co-op School teachers at the moment. I could never imagine the level of dedication, sense of mission, and creativity our teachers would demonstrate in this time of online schooling. Mastering the balance of addressing the childrens’ need for structure and content, as well as of compassion and love. ‘Thank you to The Co-op School teachers and administration feels simply not enough…
Daphna, parent 8th Grader and 3rd grader

Our Events

“Family events at the Co-op School are one of our favorite parts of this community. Whether it’s movie night, the Valentine’s Day party, or the Thanksgiving potluck, we love the opportunity to gather outside of the normal school day and enjoy each other’s company. We also love the parents-only events like the Gala so that we can kick back and relax without the kids!”
Elizabeth, parent of preschoolers