Joining the team at The Co-op School means becoming a valued member of a community of experienced education professionals passionately dedicated to their craft. We carefully select teachers and administrators who not only align with our school’s mission and core values but also demonstrate a genuine commitment to the growth and achievement of our students. Our vibrant workplace fosters inspiration and collaboration, where ideas and camaraderie flourish.

Professional Development

The Co-op School supports ongoing professional development for staff and faculty by providing access to professional learning and dedicated time for structured collaboration. 

Commitment to Diversity

At The Co-op School, we are dedicated to ensuring that our commitment to fostering an inclusive and anti-bias environment permeates every aspect of our institution: from our classrooms and school culture to our policies and practices. Upholding diversity, equity, and inclusion requires that all staff and faculty members actively and thoughtfully engage in ongoing work, training, and reflection pertaining to identity, anti-racism, and anti-bias principles.

Current Openings