Co-op Commitment

“Co-op” stands for “cooperative.” This means that families at The Co-op School are not merely participants; they are an integral part of our school community. Family participation plays a crucial role in the school’s effective operation, maintaining lower tuition fees compared to other independent schools and fostering a unique sense of belonging.

When families collaborate to provide service to the school, it cultivates a more harmonious and thriving community. Each family serves on a committee, contributes through workshifts, participates in organizing community events, and manages school initiatives. Additionally, we come together to celebrate milestones, address challenges, and support the growth of our community. 

The mission of The Co-op School is to inspire passion and teach children to become protagonists in their own educational journey by fostering their innate sense of curiosity and creativity. The school doesn’t just belong to the students and educators, but extends to the family community as a whole. It belongs to those who participate in it, and is a more resilient and creative place because of it.

If you have any questions, please contact our Parent and Community Engagement Coordinator at

Event Committees

These are formed around events that are very important and a unique way to celebrate our school and build a deeper sense of community. 

Parents who organized Sunset Soiree

Service Committees

These committees perform central functions of the school on an ongoing basis and are responsible for initiatives that are essential to its sustainability. 

Team of parents collaborating during Picture Day


Workshifts are usually organized over the summer. Tasks such as building out a set of bookshelves, painting during school maintenance, or supporting a committee or school department with a specific, limited chore.

Parents building the playground new dome during a workshift