At The Co-op School, we are known for creating a warm and nurturing environment that feels like a second home to our community members. From students to alumni, families to faculty, staff to friends, everyone plays a part in fostering a sense of belonging that transcends the school campus. Together, we cultivate a welcoming, dynamic, and enriching space where learners of all ages can thrive and grow.

To uphold our values and nurturing environment, we host a variety of annual events aimed at bringing our students and families together. These gatherings, activities, and programs are instrumental in supporting the school’s mission and fostering the exchange of ideas within our community. Moreover, they encourage family collaboration in school activities and play a crucial role in fundraising efforts for our school. All of these initiatives are organized by families, as part of their collaborative efforts within our cooperative model.

Community Events

The Sunset Soiree marks the kick-off of the new school year. It’s an informal gathering at the park where new and returning Co-op School families can socialize and meet incoming teachers and classmates. Pizza is provided. 

It’s a moment of joy, laughter, and heartfelt connections. Family and Friends’ Day at The Co-op School serves as a bridge between the classroom and the lives of our students. Whether it is a neighbor, an aunt or an uncle, a babysitter, a grandparent, or a dear friend, we open the doors to someone who holds a special place in the heart of your Co-op student.

The Book Fair is an event organized in collaboration with local bookstores. Students come dressed as their favorite storybook characters for the day and then visit our onsite pop-up bookstore to purchase books in support of the school. Our Book Fair committee provides treats, readings, and games for after-school fun, enhancing the classroom environment.

Moth–inspired night where adults tell a life story in front of the school audience. It is the longest running event at the Co-op School and a great community bonding event.

The Co-op School Fall Festival is a delightful celebration of the season with pumpkins, halloween costumes, hot chocolate, treats, arts and crafts, and music. This event is open to the community, organized by preschool families and hosted at the neighborhood park. 

During our popular Movie Nights our community members are invited to watch family friendly movies, such as Finding Dory and Inside Out—at our campus in their PJs! Food and beverages are served.

The Scholarship Gala is our biggest event of the year—roughly 400 Co-op School family members and supporters come together for the night—and an unparalleled evening of community, fun, and fundraising! All proceeds go directly to the school’s scholarship fund for families who wouldn’t otherwise be able to attend the school. 

Learning Together

At The Co-op School, we embrace the spirit of collective learning and knowledge sharing. Within our vibrant community, there are plentiful opportunities for involvement and engagement in an enriching exchange of cultures, passions, and expertise. From parents sharing their experiences, skills and testimonials as ‘guest educators’ to our annual community events, the diverse talents and rich experiences of our faculty, staff, alumni, and families contribute to our collective growth. The Co-op School serves as a place for meaningful conversations and the exchange of ideas, fostering a dynamic environment in which our sense of community thrives.

If you’re a family in the school looking for more information on how to get involved, click here.