After-School and Enrichment

Here at The Co-op School, our After School and Enrichment programs open up exciting new avenues for students of all divisions to bond, explore, and flourish outside the regular classroom setting. Our goal is to provide every student with enriching, age-tailored activities in the afternoons that are not only educational but also enjoyable! If you have any questions regarding Early Drop-off, After-School or Enrichment please email

Early Drop-off

Early birds are welcomed with our early morning drop-off, starting as early as 7:35am, ensuring a seamless start to the day for both students and families.Early drop-off activities include games, free play and arts and crafts. 


After-school hours begin at dismissal and extend until 6 pm each day. Parents and guardians can sign up for after-school hours ahead of time or drop in as needed. After-school activities include: free play, games, arts & crafts, pretend play, outdoor play (weather permitting).


Our range of enrichment programs caters to a wide array of interests, spanning from arts and music to STEM and sports. In our classes, we celebrate students as creative individuals with unique talents, fostering a cooperative and non-competitive environment.

Preschool: Soccer, Bucket Drumming, Little Einsteins, Piano lessons, Capoeira, Acro-tumbling, Anatomy, Petit Français, Spanish Art Immersion

Elementary school: Coding Creations, Skateboarding, Chess, Cardboard creations, Cooking Class

Middle School: Drama, Homework club, Coding, Basketball, Chess