Summer Camp

The C0-op Summer Camp 2024 will run for 9 weeks this year and will now be available to kids as old as 10! Camp is available for ages 2-10 from June 17th – August 16 2024. Families can enroll for just a single week or for the entire summer, with early drop-off and late-pick up available at an additional cost. 

Summer Camp Mission

For more than 20 years, The Co-op School has pioneered an engaging community-and project-led approach to learning. Our approach to summer camp is no different. We believe appreciating our world starts with understanding how things work and how we can get involved. With this in mind, we guide campers through theme-based weeks focused on community action. From campfire stories to recycling art to music and movement, each day is a balance of fun activities, learning, wellness, and action-all adapted to summertime fun!

At arrival, campers engage in free play before gathering for a morning kick-off centered around one of our weekly themes.

Each day features theme activities, along with one of our weekly classes, including Capoeira, Gardening, and Musical Play. We also spend ample time outdoors every day, participating in a variety of water activities using sprinklers and reusable water balloons. Depending on the camper’s age, we may also embark on weekly trips to destinations both near and far. Special guests visit to discuss different ways they engage in community action and how our campers can make a difference in the world. Below is a list of our weekly themes:

Week 1: Building Community – June 17-21 (no camp on June 19th – Juneteenth)
Welcome, fellow campers! Embark on neighborhood walks, conduct interviews with locals, map our immediate surroundings, and discover what makes Bed Stuy and The Co-op Summer Camp unique.

Week 2: You, Me and Nature – June 24-28
Visit surrounding parks, collect nature samples, and explore the connection between us and nature.

Week 3: Brooklyn Beats & Rhythm – July 1-3 (No Camp July 4th & 5th)
Musicians will visit our classes to celebrate the vibrant culture and music in our community. Cap off the week with a rooftop dance party!

Week 4: Transportation Exploration – July 8-12
Learn about city navigation with a visit from an MTA worker. Explore various modes of transportation like trains, buses, ferries, and cycling.

Week 5: Community Superheroes – July 15-19
Visit the local fire station and library, speak with special guests, and discover the everyday heroes in our community.

Week 6: Splash & Learn – July 22-26
Examine clean water sources, oceans, and study sea creatures to understand the importance of caring for our environment.

Week 7: Camp Kindness – July 29-August 2
Engage in team-building games that teach respect for differences and nurture empathy. Conclude with the annual Pep Rally, where campers and counselors compete in games.

Week 8: Farming & Food – August 5-9
Visit Bed-Stuy Farm, work in our rooftop garden, and learn about the journey of our food.

Week 9: Creative Action – August 12-16
End the summer by planning and launching an art show in our school’s gymnasium. Engage with practicing artists in our community.


A full day is 9 am to 3 pm and half-days (available to 2 & 3 years olds only) are from 9 am to 12 pm. We offer early drop-off and extended day programs for an additional charge.

Co-op Summer Camp runs from June 17th – August 16, 2024. The fee for each week is $595 for the full-day program and $365 for our half-day programs (available to 2 & 3 year olds only). Siblings receive a 10% discount.

Science is a window onto the world that excites even our youngest learners. During our Science Specials, we encourage our students to be curious, experiment and explore. Through experimentation, our students are introduced to higher learning concepts while developing reasoning skills, problem-solving, and learning to ask questions about the world around them. 

Preschool Students are introduced to earth, life, and physical sciences by participating in standards-based hands-on investigations. They practice the scientific method and think like real scientists, utilizing inquiry, observation, and exploration; they develop and test hypotheses; and analyze new information, while discovering their natural world.

In Lower and Middle School, students have access to The Co-op School’s own standards-based science curriculum, which incorporates the acclaimed Amplify Science materials. Lower School science education harnesses children’s curiosity about the natural world, building their base of knowledge through discovery and experimentation as well as through research. Scientific skills like analyzing data and constructing inferences and explanations based on evidence are emphasized.