Cooperative Model

“Co-op” stands for “cooperative.” This means that families at The Co-op School are not merely participants; they are an integral part of our school community. In our cooperative model, families take on responsibilities for school services, projects and events that make our students thrive – we call it The Co-op Commitment. 

Our cooperative approach has demonstrated its effectiveness in fostering strong community ties and enduring relationships among our families. With the involvement of families, The Co-op School becomes a more dynamic, and enriching environment where learners thrive. Through community action, collaborative efforts offer valuable lessons on the power of teamwork and cooperation.

This model helps keep tuition lower than it would be otherwise. When families work together to do service for the school, it provides a more harmonious and thriving community. Each family serves on a committee and contributes at least 8 hours of labor each year to care for our school, create community events, and manage school initiatives that otherwise we would have to pay for. 

The Co-op Commitment

At the beginning of the school year, families are encouraged to become involved. They can choose to serve on a committee, contribute through workshifts, participate in organizing community events, and manage school initiatives. Our aim is to ensure that our skilled and diverse community can actively participate in school activities and projects throughout the year. From our community events to class visits, our collaborative model exemplifies the continuous exchange of talents, interests, and expertise.

If you’re a family in the school looking for more information on how to fulfill your Co-op Commitment hours, click here.

Parents who collaborate in the Garden Committee in action