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The Imagination Playground is Here!!!

Phase one: Exploration
We got our new Imagination Playground blocks this week and, as you can see, the kids are just a little bit excited…


 “I was building a home for these little round things.  I was pretending that they were babies. We were playing with them and we builded a house for them.”

 “I really love them!  I think that we can make cool things with them.”  

  “They were fun. We made furniture. It wasn’t just me.  [Other people] made the furniture, too.”

“I like these long ones. They make things taller!”


“Build a city we can play in!”
“I’m just helping moving things back and forth.”
“It’s enjoying to work together cause if you work together it can help.”


 “I’m building a castle!”

 “There’s enough blocks for everyone!”

 “I am making a slide for the balls.”

 “We can work together to make a castle.”


 “They’re big!”

 “I’m building a house.

 “Let’s use these as hoses.”  

” This is a train track.”