Mandy's School News

Reading: The Dragonflies Enjoy Our New Library

“I have a Halloween book. I picked it because I like monsters.” 
 “I have a book about the community. It’s about all the people who help other people when they write stuff for them.” 
 “I picked this book because I thought I would like it. This ghost takes the scarf and then the guy takes the ghost and puts it on like a scarf. ” 

“My book is about Clifford. It’s about when he goes to school with his mom. I saw it in the white part. See? It has a white sticker.” 

“This book is about a little girl who has a baby. I like babies. The cover had lots of babies on it.” 
“I got an animal book because I wanted to see how animals look. Here is a snake. Do Toads give you spots when you touch them?”