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Blocks: Our Visit from Imagination Playground

Gina, from Imagination Playground, came to The Co-op School today to talk to us about our amazing new blocks. She told us that an architect named David Rockwell discovered that his children liked playing with the large boxes their toys came in more than the actual toys and so he came up with the idea of creating large child-sized blocks. 

The kids had questions about how the blocks are made. We also talked about what we can make with the blocks (some ideas: playhouses, furniture, robots…), how it’s good sometimes to make a plan before building and how to be safe when using the blocks.

 We discovered that we can stack up to 6 squares to make a slide.
  Two of our Co-opers worked together to make a /2 Sonic 1/2 robot-inspired sculpture.

 A house with a rainbow was built by 2 more of our creative kiddos!

Gina is a professional opera singer too and we ended with a lovely “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” sung out of a man-made “microphone.”