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Classroom Community: Roly Poly of the Week!

The 2-3 year old Roly Polies have been doing “Roly Poly of the Week.” This special activity is so exciting for these guys but it also creates a bridge from home to school and encourages individual ownership over their classroom. Here’s how it works:

– Classroom work, pictures and anything else they would like gets put up on their bulletin board. They can also bring in family pictures, favorite books, music, instruments, food and toys to share with the class. Parents can come in to show pictures or do a read aloud.
– During Circle Time, they are interviewed in depth (think The Actor’s Studio) and they even get to help run Circle Time! The kids get to pick the songs sung and books read.
– Finally, after the week ends their bulletin board gets condensed to a page and added to the Roly Poly Class book. The story gets more and more interesting with each page…