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Science: Ladybugs Learn about Insects & Honey!

The 2 year old Ladybugs have been engaged in their “Life and Growing” unit and this week they’re learning all about insects. They learned all about honey; from bees, nectar and flowers to picking it up from the grocery store. They learned that a beekeeper wears a special hat so he doesn’t get stung and despite popular belief…he does not wear a space helmet! 

After learning about the honey process, The Ladybugs embarked on an adventurous blind taste test. One cup contained applesauce and one cup contained honey. The Ladybugs had to guess which one was honey and then use adjectives to describe the taste. Some responses were “sweet,” “not salty,” “sticky,” and “not applesauce.”

 The testing materials

 Learning about the different parts of the honey making process

Covering her eyes while going for a taste…

Anxiously awaiting their turn