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Inquiry: Roly Polys Roller Coaster Study

The 2 year-old Roly Polys curriculum as of late has been inspired by the children’s love and borderline obsession of the book Roller Coaster by Marla Frazee. 

The children have read various books on roller coasters, examined roller coaster design, explored the experience of the ride and discussed their fears. They also have recreated the roller coaster experience – buying tickets, lining up, buckling in and, then, imagining they were riding the roller coaster.  To simulate a realistic experience their teachers projected a roller coaster front seat point-of-view video – the children raised their hands and screamed.  It was awesome! Finally, the got to visit the amazing Cyclone in Coney Island! 

All agree that this was truly an epic adventure that left an indelible mark on the children.