Mandy's School News

Introducing the First Co-op School Bottlecap Mural

We decided that it would be fun to work on an annual school-wide project and were really inspired by bottle cap murals! We could collaborate on something together and also tie-in lessons on recycling and reusing.
Teacher volunteers Allison and Lelia collaborated on a design that represented the 2012-2013 school year and one that each class could contribute to. They then painted it on the plywood.
We revealed the design to the kids on Earth Day. Teachers spoke to the children about recycling and the importance of not always being quick to throw items away. Caps are the second most littered item (behind cigarette butts!) and can be expensive to recycle. The kids washed and sorted the caps by color. Then each class worked in small groups to sand and then adhere the color-coordinated caps. The finished mural will be hung in the first floor hallway. It looks amazing and will be around for years to come.
The Co-op School classes and community all worked together to get this mural completed! Thanks to all whole contributed time and collected bottle caps!

A new tradition… have a great summer!