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Community: First Elementary School Town Hall Meeting

We had our first Brevoort Town Hall meeting this morning and it was a great success! The idea behind these monthly meetings is to come together for school-wide announcements and to provide a place where we can share all of our wonderful classroom happenings with one another. 

We started with a song:

 And then introduced our new Spanish teacher, Alex:

Then classrooms each shared something special that they have been working on.

The PreK Beetles sang their fun Popcorn song:

The PreK Bumblebees shared their new class pet, Cocoa the fish, along with her hilarious biography:

The First Grade Chipmunks modeled how to use the scooters appropriately on the playground:

As well as how we should all play with the ropes:

The PreK Dragonflies showed us the letters they are collaging with bottle caps and other various recycled materials for their classroom ABC chart: 

They also presented their amazing biographies that they have been working on for their Self Study:

The PreK Grasshoppers talked to the school about their new exciting Take-Apart Center! They showed us some tools that they have been using as well as the inside of a phone!

Finally, the Kindergarten Jets demonstrated how they use Sounds in Motion to spell words with their body. It was really fun to watch:

We look forward to seeing what’s in store for next Town Hall in November…