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Inquiry: Crickets Family Study!

Since the start of the school year, the Crickets have been so interested in learning about their peers. They’ve been talking to each other about their favorite movie, their favorite food, their bedrooms and the people in their family! Since they have been so excited to tell their friends more about themselves and their family, they’ve invited their community to be a part of their unit of study. So far, they’ve had special visits from family members, received letters from family members and even walked to Joey’s house for a class play-date!
Mama Becca read them a home favorite.

Robbie’s daddy, Ben, taught them how they can make shapes out of cardboard pieces!

 Visit to Joey’s house! 

   Joey showing off his bedroom he shares with his siblings.

 Joey’s mommy, Denise, reading them Joey’s favorite book “Gossie & Gertie.”