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Inquiry: Fireflies’ Postal Service Study

The Firefly Postal Service all stemmed from an activity during which they discussed the idea of how and why they write letters to friends.  After the discussion, the Fireflies worked in small groups to write letters while the rest of the class was on the playground.  After working with the first group, it was amazing to see:  just about every Firefly was involved in cooperative pretend play using cardboard bricks that had been left outside and pretending that they were packages.  They were carting them around, stacking them in the “mail truck” and delivering them all over the playground.  While they worked they began talking about postal workers and what they do, for instance postal workers (ideally) do not throw our packages because they might be fragile.  

Since the Fireflies initially displayed their genuine interest in the postal service, they have sought out to answer the following questions “What do postal workers need to ensure that the mail gets where it needs to go?” and  “What happens to our letters and mail after they get put in a mailbox?” Through this exploration, they have gained hands-on experience with the basic process of sending, receiving, sorting and delivering the mail ultimately have learned a great deal about the inner workings of the postal service.

Making observations of a real mailbox.

 Making their own mailbox.

 Sewing their own mail bags.

 Learning about and checking out some stamps.

 Checking our mailbox.

 Placing their “FF” (Firefly) origin and canceling stamp over the postage stamp.

 Sorting the mail.

Delivery time!