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Community Service: The Bees Study Bees!

For the Bee’s yearlong community service focus, the Bumblebees will be exploring the endangered honeybee. To launch the study they had a bee farmer come in today to tell them all about the honeybee. they learned about honeybees. Here is some of what they learned:

  • There is a Queen Bee (female), the worker bees (females) and the drone (male).
  • The honeybee has 4 wings, many legs, 3 eyes (it’s third eye is located on the top of its head and it helps it see in the dark!), and it is yellow and black. 
  • They saw pictures of a Queen Bee and learned her job is to lay eggs. She can lay up to 1,000 eggs each day (very surprising as you can see from Josie’s reaction)!! 
  • The worker bees are the ones that look for nectar from flowers, which they turn into honey. 
  • Farmer David gets his bees from another bee farmer in Florida. The bees are sent to him by mail in a crate. Since it is a long trip, the bees have to eat or they will starve. A can with sugary water is placed in this crate. The can has two little holes on the bottom where the bees use their long tongues to drink the water. 
  • He also showed them where he keeps his bees (in trays inside a “super-” the blue and red box). They got see see and even touch one of the bee trays that had combs on it. 

David brought them real honey from his bee farm. They got to taste it – 2 thumbs up!!

 It felt “dry” and “sandy.” It also “smell[ed] like honey.”