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Science: Bumblebees Start Their New Science Unit on Animals!

The Pre-k Bees started their new science unit on animals!  They watched “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” on their class iPad.

Then, they mentioned the animals they saw on the video- a bear! a dog! Then they predicted what animals we would see if we were to take a walk around their neighborhood here in Brooklyn.. The Bees predicted they would see pigeons, ants, squirrels and dogs in Brooklyn. They predicted they wouldn’t see lions, bears, foxes, snakes and ducks in Brooklyn.

Since it started raining, they couldn’t go on their walk but they came up with the idea of taking a look at our neighborhood on the rooftop playground.

 The only animal they saw was a pigeon so they circled it on their chart.

Then in the afternoon, they received a special visit from an author and illustrator named Thyra Heder who read her book “Fraidyzoo” to us. This book tied in perfectly with their new science unit on animals. This book was about a little girl who was afraid of going to the zoo. Her family tried to make her feel better by creating zoo animals at home using blankets and cardboard. Little T, the main character, wasn’t afraid of the animals! She was afraid of the ticket lady because she had long, red nails!! After this funny read aloud, we were each able to make our own animal mask using paper, markers and string. 

We can’t wait to learn more about animals!