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Awesome: The Caterpillars Hatch Baby Chicks!

The Caterpillars were asked to incubate some chicken eggs on behalf of the community garden located at 100 Quincy Street at Franklin Avenue.  They took their job very seriously…
They watched them carefully in the incubator looking for signs of
hatching! They  knew it would take 21 days, but we checked every day just in case.
On April 23, their babies were born!  They were wet.
They kept them nice and warm in a cage and watched them eat, poop, and sleep. 
They  took them out for exercise and loving.
They made new friends.


They  visited the mommy chickens at 100 Quincy to let them know that their babies were safe with us.
They love kale!
 The Caterpillars will go back to 100 Quincy when the babies are old enough to live there in the end of June.  They can’t wait to be reunited!