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Project Work: Pipe & Plumbing Study

After many questions about how the water “gets in the toilet,” the 3 year old Crickets have been investigating water and water pipes.

The Crickets work together to connect the pipes. 
Once all of the pipes were connected, they had to figure out a way to make the water flow through the pipes without getting “clogged.” The Crickets decided that if they hold the pipes up, the water would move.
Well, that didn’t quite work so they came up with a different idea.
“What if we hold the pipes up and down, up and down?” 
“Okay guys! Turn on the faucet! Oh no! The water is leaking!”
The water flowed through the pipes and made its way to the water table.

We measured the length of PVC pipes.
“This pipe is taller than me!”

How many blocks long is this pipe?      

 “I think we need like 100 million blocks.” 

The Crickets wanted to know where the water went after we flushes, so they went on sewer hunt and continued to discuss the water cycle. During our walk they spotted a few fire hydrants. “These are really big pipes! Water comes out.” 

So, why do we need water?
“So a baby can take a bath.” 
“Flowers need water to grow!”