Mandy's School News

Community Event: ARTSHOP!

Our amazing teacher-led Art Committee put together the sweetest event this weekend… the first ever ARTSHOP!! This was an art workshop where families made artwork together. There were several stations, such as collage, mask making, dot painting, sculptures and more. Check out these pictures in case you missed it!
Making a collage for dad for Father’s Day. They used different types of patterned paper as well as photos from old National Geographic magazines.
Using different types of circular lids to make circle prints.


Making dot paintings using Q-tips.



Kids and parents experiment with play dough and craft sticks to create a variety of different structures.
Kids and parents alike enjoyed making masks with Lelia. Co-op schoolers could select a pre-cut mask and decorate it with markers, glitter, feathers and flower petals.
Working together on a large scale drawing using a variety of graphite pencils.