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Community: Town Hall Focus on Values

At  The Co-op School’s Brevoort campus, we have been discussing our core Co-op Values. As a school, we have come up with 5 core values that encompass the way we teach, learn, grown and treat each other. For November, we will be concentrating on our first value – COMPASSION. Yesterday, for Town Hall, we all dressed in red, to bring attention to this first value. We talked about what compassion means and how we can recognize it on others and ourselves. Emily (Centipede teacher) and Ryan (Shark teacher) did a wonderful skit to demonstrate how we, as teachers and students, can use compassion in our every day, school life. Then each class shared ways in which they are compassionate towards each other. We learned a lot of wonderful things about each other and how we make each other feel.
Anissa told us that being compassionate meant “making new friends and friends make the world a better place”.
Zelig shared that we were all wearing red because  “Red is the color of hearts” and we have to use our hearts to be compassionate.
And Lilac shared with us how Danica showed compassion to her by asking her if she was okay when Lilac was sad about saying goodbye to her mom this morning. It was so wonderful to hear all the ways in which we show compassion everyday! We will keep the conversation going, throughout the month, and we’d love to invite the parents to join in! We have set up a beautiful bulletin board (right by the main entrance) that you can share moments of compassion that you and your family have seen. There are pre-cut hearts and a pen that you can jot your compassionate notes on and paste up to the board. So, if your little guy/girl  held the door for his/her little brother in the morning – share it on the board! If you helped a sad friend by giving them a hug – share it on the board! We can’t wait to learn the many ways in which we can show our love, kindness and empathy (aka COMPASSION!).
Compassion: At The Co-op School we value and nurture the strength of character it takes to work together as a team, to be an individual, to respect differences of opinions, and have the ability to empathize with others.
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