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Community: Town Hall Focus on Uniqueness

At the Brevoort campus, we have been discussing our core Co-op Values. As a school, we have come up with 5 core values that encompass the way we teach, learn, grown and treat each other. For December, we will be concentrating on our second value – UNIQUENESS. For us, uniqueness means to value and nurture the confidence that leads to risk taking, problem solving, and taking pride in one’s own point of view.
Today, for Town Hall, we all discussed what uniqueness means and how we can recognize it on others and ourselves.
We opened with an amazing song about how we are all UNIQUE, written by music teacher Dan and sung by the Centipedes.
It was amazing!! Then, Emily (Centipede teacher) and Ryan (Shark teacher) did a wonderful skit to demonstrate how we, as teachers and students, can demonstrate and share our unique skills, talents, thoughts and learning strategies. Afterwards, each class shared how they, and their classroom, is UNIQUE and special. We learned a lot of wonderful things about each other and all the wonderful things we have to share. It was so wonderful to hear all the ways in which we show our UNIQUE spirits everyday!
We will keep the conversation going, throughout the month, and we’d love to invite the parents to join in! We have set up another beautiful bulletin board (right by the main entrance) that you can share moments of uniqueness that you and your family have seen. We can’t wait to learn the many ways in which we can show our individual spirits, open hearts and our observations!
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