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Culturally Responsive Book List: Please Contribute!

Dear families,

The staff had a very inspiring professional development day around the idea of how to teach through a culturally respectful and responsible lens, (sometimes just subtly) addressing race, gender, cultures, learning differences and styles in ways that let our kids know that it’s wonderful to be whoever you are. We talked about ways to support self esteem development, inclusiveness, different points of views/perspectives, empowerment, questioning “norms” such as advertising and media biases and beyond.

I have created a book list around these ideas – addressing these concepts either overtly or just subtly through pictures or characters. We would like to ask families to help by purchasing a book off our list that will help to grow our library and support our efforts to be socially conscientious educators.

Here is our Amazon wish list – you can send books directly to Brevoort or bring them in yourselves (and I will figure out which building they belong in).

We so appreciate your continued commitment and support to our program!

Thank you!