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Project Work: The Incredible Second Grade Culmination

Just so proud of our second grade class and their incredible child-centered and directed Subway Museum!


Greeters/gift shop workers handing out museum booklets and trinkets…

IMG_1616 IMG_1620 IMG_1621

1904 train ride simulation

IMG_1618 IMG_1619

Creative ideas for the city’s abandon stations. Is that an underground beach?! Note: trash-littered track!


Franklin Avenue Station!


Interactive subway art: mosaic-making station


The kid-created PowerPoint documentation of their study


Trains made in wood shop


Their own attempts at graffitied trains

IMG_1627 IMG_1617

Writing connected to the study.


From one of our second grade parents: “Let’s hear it for our shark train museum builders – what!!! Amazing gift shop, train museum tour guides, 1904 train ride simulation with announcers and conductor, trains of the future, train library, abandoned station bounce-o-Rama remake, Franklin S train station model, train graffiti stop and so much more!!!

Now, that’s an inquiry project.”