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Project Work: Highlights from the Bumblebee’s Baby Museum


Amazing Invitation to the Bumblebee Baby Museum!


 Museum Floor Plan: A : Model of Baby in Uterus B : Diaper Changing Station and Sleep Sack Station C : Model Cribs (Blocks) D : Audio/Visual Baby Shares E : What Babies See Art Project F : Fruit Comparison Chart G : Light Table Sonograms H : Bathing Station I : What’s Your Favorite Milk? J : Heartbeat Listening Center K : Measure the Belly L : Memory Match Game M : Can You Guess the Twins?


Punching tickets at the door, giving out floor plans & welcoming families


Telling everyone about stethoscopes and Dopplers. A stethoscope lets you hear somebody’s heartbeat once they are born but a Doppler lets you hear a baby’s heartbeat while he/she is still in the uterus. Everyone got to listen to Angie’s baby’s heartbeat on the radio too!


Creating a chart that shows what kind of milk the visitors like the most. Whole, soy, coconut and skim milk were the choices. Whole and soy milk received the most votes!


Telling us all about special baby shampoo and showing everyone how to gently bathe and dry a baby!



Telling us all about what babies see. Did you know that babies can only see in black and white until they are 5 months old? Presenting paintings the Bees made, which were in black and white, just the way babies would see them.


Talking about the baby share items their peers brought in. Parents listening  to recordings of the students explaining their baby share item. Also, looking at illustrations made by the students of their baby share items and pictures of the students when they presented them.


Explaining what they built at the block center and why (a crib, a bassinet, a toddler bed, a stroller and a bed for the parents).


Explaining what a sleep sack is and why babies wear them


Explaining what a cloth diaper is as well as a cloth wipe and a diaper bag! Showing us how to put a cloth diaper on a baby too, and why they’re friendlier for the earth!


Showing us a baby model and explaining what a baby in the uterus looks like. He talked about the amniotic fluid and the umbilical cord too.


The kids learned so much throughout this amazingly rich study, they truly became baby experts!