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Creativity: Cine-Magic Video

Rotem, our Woodshop teacher, and her Cine-Magic Enrichment class made an amazing video that we’d like to share! They started out by talking about movies and movie-magic and looked at old George Méliès movies (Trip to the Moon, Impossible Voyage, The Conjurer etc.) and tried to figure out how some of the effects were created. They looked at an old Superman clip of flying and talked about green screen. They also figured out some other tricks that could be made by editing and shooting (shooting upside down, pretending to fly by lying on the ground or on a chair and pasting it onto other footage, vanishing using an edit, etc). Then, every week, they discussed what the story for the movie would be. They came up with Booboo and Icing and made plans for all the places they would go in the movie (moon, volcano, underwater).
They also discussed animation and stop motion and practiced some optical tricks by making Thaumatropes (like this), Kaleidoscopes and box projectors. After that they worked week to week focusing on making backgrounds, props, costumes and some stop motion. Finally, they shot with an improvised green screen. The movie was edited and a fun celebration followed. Please check out the incredible results here: