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Education Links From the Week: 1/28/16

Hi Co-op Community-

I scour various education sites constantly, keeping up with what’s happening in education, and I always find links I feel the community may want to see. So, I’m going to begin posting these education related links on a continual basis. Hopefully this will be of interest and useful for all.

Mandy, Education Director

Links from this week:

Pretty Girls Make (Higher) Grades

Interesting article about bias by Anya Kamenetz in NPR Ed

Guys Read

The research is showing that girls are out-reading boys so I thought this web site was a good resource for families with some great book recommendations for boys.

Before Minecraft, The Blocks Were Made of Wood

Let’s get back to blocks, people! By Eric Westervelt, NPR

What ClassDojo Monsters Can Teach Kids About Growth Mindset

We’re talking Growth Mindset internally and I thought these cartoons might be fun to show the kids.

By Katrina Schwartz, Mind/Shift