Co-op Summer Camp

We’ve created a cohesive summer program that is relevant and purposeful, providing a lasting impact for both campers and parents—whether you’re with us for one week or all five. Campers will take part in familiar summer camp experiences like outdoor activities, creative pursuits, and field trips, but rooted in the values that make the Co-op School unique.


Summer Camp Mission

For 17 years, the Co-op School has pioneered an engaged community- and project-led approach to learning. Students, staff, and parents contribute to the development of our unique culture. Our approach to summer camp is no different. At the Co-op School’s summer camp, you’ll find the same core values of joyful learning and community action that inform our school year-round adapted to summertime fun. 

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About Our Camp

We offer campers a comprehensive summer camp experience in a flexible, day-camp schedule. We have developed a novel program for kids ages 2-13informed by our mission-driven and time-tested approach that invites campers to participate in age-appropriate activities that are fun and fulfilling.


We Are Camper-Led

Nurturing engaged and curious young people is at the core of everything we do. Campers pursue projects that are shaped by their individual inquiry, collaboration, and unique perspective. This approach encourages campers to take an active role in their own experience and supports their development as citizens and community members.  


This is an environment where bonds are formed and camper-led action is guided. We start small and start within.


We Emphasize Community Action

We believe appreciating our world starts with understanding how things work and how we can get involved. We guide campers through tracks including: 



Urban Farming + Food
Rooftop farms, CSA, and food drives teach us about where food comes from

Neighborhood cleanups, composting, recycling art projects, facility tours, and composting show us how to be sustainable

Civic Action
We learn how working with local politicians, persuasive letter writing, and city planning (to name a few), are the bedrock of change at a local level

Accessibility for All
We see how small interventions—Little Libraries, CSA, herb giveaways, book trucks, and more – can make meaningful change in our neighborhoods


Co-op Summer Camp is designed for ages 2–13 as a full-on summer experience. For five weeks, campers engage in thoughtful, fun activities that build active citizens and facilitate lasting friendships.


And We’ve Designed a Custom Experience

Starting with the Co-op School’s strong foundation, we’ve designed a camp experience that brings the shared values, memorable experience and focus on collaboration to life through a cohesive five-week program. Our program combines the summer activities we know and love with new traditions informed by our immediate surroundings. On any given day, campers can be found doing archery, making a movie, meeting with a community organizer, writing to a local politician, or making and installing a Little Free Library. 

Summer Camp Favorites  New Traditions 
Camp song Neighborhood cleanups
Archery Flower bombs 
Talent shows Storytelling 
Woodshop Little Free Library construction


Summer Learning

We see summer as an opportunity to learn outside the lesson plan. Growth nurtured by new connections, exposure to varied perspectives, and different contexts. Campers will explore: 

  • Communication: storytelling, persuasive letter writing 
  • Leadership: activism 
  • Problem-solving: scavenger hunts


NYC Is Our Backyard

We’re fortunate to have access to the wealth of organizations and resources NYC has to offer. Our field trips will prioritize visits to local organizations that are making our community a better place day-to-day, underscoring the impact each of us can make in our communities. 

  • Community garden
  • NYC Parks Department
  • Local CSA
  • Shelters or City Harvest
  • Farmers Markets
  • Urban Farms
  • Rooftop Farms
  • Local political offices 


How It Works

Flexible Scheduling
Our summer camp is five weeks long, with options to sign up for the full program or on a weekly basis. Each module is designed to stand alone as well as fit into the broader mission of the camp. 

Age Groups
Our campers range in ages 2 to 13. The camp day is designed so that all the campers are part of a community in which each camper and leader learns by example. 

Group Leaders
Our group leaders are role models. They are active participants in the daily activities and teach commitment, responsibility, and compassion through example.

We only use community spaces, which will be renamed in the theme of the camp: multipurpose space, makerspace, rooftop, library, transforming our building to a truly unique camp environment.

Elementary and Middle School Schedule

  • Drop-off + Free Choice
  • Opening Campfire
  • Research + Media: Students will break into small groups to discuss the topic and start to map out how they will learn and how they’ll create a platform to share within the community, i.e. podcast, newsletter, or documentary movie.
  • Field Work: Students will go out into the street to research and interview around the project.
  • Lunch
  • Workshop: Students will use The Co-op studios to support the community action/giving component
  • Closing Campfire Ceremony

Each week will culminate with a community share ceremony.

Preschool Schedule

Campers ages 2-4 will start their day with a morning meeting or circle-time to introduce the activities of the day. Preschoolers will also engage in our fun, hands-on community projects! We believe it’s never too early to instill values of responsibility and compassion. The day’s schedule includes plenty of outside time with water play, art, movement and nap times.

Dates & Fees

Five one-week, full-day sessions:

  • July 6–10: $465
  • July 13–17: $465
  • July 20–24: $465
  • July 27 – 31: $465
  • August 3–7: $465

Children ages 2 to 4 may attend less than five days a week with the following options:

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday: $325
  • Tuesday, Thursday: $235
  • Half-day program for five days: $275
  • Half-day program for 2, 3, and 4 days per week: $55 per day


  • Full-day program 9 am to 3:30 pm
  • Half-day program (for age 2 only)  9 am to 12 pm

Early Drop Off & After Care

Aftercare is available from 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm at $15.00 or 3:30 to 6 pm at $25.00 per day.

Early drop off is available at 8:30 for a charge of $5 per student, but space is limited so please inquire about this at sign up.

Siblings receive a 10% discount.

Full payment is due with registration. Payments are non-refundable and non-transferable. 

Registration is open for Summer 2020. Join our camp community today!

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